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What Type of Office Furniture Should You Choose?

Choosing office furniture during a renovation should be a strategic process. The right pieces can increase comfort and engagement, which means they can also bring on a higher level of productivity. Businesses in Singapore can choose among numerous office furniture options but what does it take to make an optimal selection?

MySmile Dental Office Renovation Project: Friendly Professionalism with a Touch of Sophistication

Dental clinics tend to have a pretty generic look that makes many clients feel uneasy. To break away from the stereotype, we worked with the My Smile Dental team on the upgrade of their premises. The final outcome is warm, inviting and fun, while also maintaining clean professional vibes.

Kick Start 2021 with a Strategic Office Renovation

Is 2021 the right year to upgrade your office space, regardless of the challenges most Singaporean businesses faced in 2020? Absolutely! A strategic office upgrade can be used to accomplish more than one goal that will benefit the company in the long-run.