Kick Start 2021 with a Strategic Office Renovation

Giving your business a fresh start this year is possible in so many ways. And after a hectic 2021, many Singaporean companies are in desperate need of a morale and productivity boost.

An office renovation in Singapore is one of the ways to ensure a fresh start, that receptiveness to a new beginning. Starting the year with workspace remodelling may not necessarily be your first priority (especially if business has been slow due to the covid-19 pandemic). Still, give this possibility some consideration. An interior design upgrade can benefit your business in more ways than one, especially if it’s carried out strategically by an experienced interior design company with a specialty in office spaces.

Your Business Will Benefit from an Office Renovation

An office renovation can benefit your Singaporean business in many tangible ways. Just think about it – many employees spend more time at their workspace than they do at home. if you focus on comfort and functionality, you can easily improve worker morale, engagement and productivity.

Several studies suggest that design can be used to increase productivity and improve performance. For example, experiments suggest that people who work in offices with plenty of natural light will be generally happier to spend time at the office and they’ll be more focused. This increased cognitive capacity translates into the effective completion of professional tasks.

A study presented in the Handbook of Environmental Psychology and Quality of Life Research suggests that functionally uncomfortable environments reduce the ability of professionals to get work done. The effect of clutter and disorganised offices have been similar.

In other words, investing in an office remodelling project is a long-term investment in the stability and the reputation of your business. Not only can such an enhancement save you money in the long run, it can actually contribute to improved revenue generation possibilities.

This direct benefit of an office renovation, however, isn’t the only one worth focusing on.

The office space is a direct reflection of your brand. It tells employees, clients and the world what your business stands for. A modern, bright and creative space attaches these attributes to your brand. And the impression that an unkempt and outdated office makes creates the exact opposite effect.

Company culture can evolve and reveal its key aspects through the right design choices. Design adds to the consistency of your message and it can even be used to attract new talent through a message that’s loud and clear.

All of that sounds amazing but how can you accomplish these goals through an office interior redesign in 2021? You’ll need to adhere to several key principles in order to achieve maximum impact.

The Right Way to Kick Start 2021 with an Office Renovation

An office renovation is a lot more than changing a couple of chairs with more ergonomic office system furniture and adding new artwork.

To give you the outcomes discussed above, an office remodelling project has to be purposeful.

Let’s demonstrate that idea with an example.

Consider your goal is to increase employee productivity.

To get that outcome, you will first have to identify the obstacles standing in the way of achieving the result right now. You’ll need to analyse the current office environment and determine what works and what doesn’t.

After carrying out that analysis, you could determine that the office is very noisy and at the same time, the layout prevents people from collaborating effectively. Both of these issues can be tackled through interior design changes and office space planning.

Adding partitions and creating functional spaces for brainstorming, team meetings and the exchange of ideas can help bring team members closer together. These functional areas will improve collaboration while being detached enough from the general work area. As a result, noise will be reduced and people will get to enjoy a more peaceful and quiet workspace.

Needless to say, every single goal can be met in more than one way. This is where the role of the interior design team comes in. Experienced office renovation professionals can grasp your plan, examine the current work area and suggest the changes that will help you achieve the biggest change at the lowest cost.

Putting Together the Right Renovation Team

If you’re serious about utilising the full power of an office renovation, you’ll need to hire the right team for the job.

An interior design management team can handle the entire project from the first step to the finishing touches. Choosing such professionals to manage and execute will give you both accountability and consistency. You’ll also benefit from a realistic timeframe and good communication throughout the execution.

The SORDC team has carried out numerous such strategic projects through the years.

Our commercial interior design and office renovation range of services is extensive. We will design and conceptualise, consult you on the right choices for your commercial venue, handle the regulatory aspects of project execution, manage and execute the project, deal with office essentials like furniture and ensure the consistency of the soft finishing touches.

It doesn’t matter what the condition of your office is right now. Whether you want minor upgrades or an extensive overhaul, we can partner up on the execution and achieve excellent results together. Contact SORDC and schedule your free of charge first consultation with the team to kick stat 2021 for your business.