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Facts Global Office Renovation Project

Customised solutions deliver a lot in terms of comfort, convenience and the creation of the right workplace environment. The SORDC team recently worked on an office interior design project for FACTS Global Energy. We focused on maximising available space and creating customised furniture for the client. The outcome is clean, minimal and highly practical

Checkmarx Office Renovation Project

Every office needs a functional and spacious lounge/relaxation area. The SORDC team recently completed such a project for Checkmarx. We created a multi-purpose chill-out space that the company later on enhanced even further.

ASL Bulk Shipping Main Office Renovation Project: Collaboration Enhancing Interior Design

SORDC created an extensive project and executed the office and showroom renovation for Secret Lab – a gaming chair manufacturer. Industrial and warm, modern but unobtrusive – our renovation work increased the functional appeal of the space and made the company’s products the star of the show.