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2021 Office Interior Trends Worth Checking Out

Office interior design trends are ever-evolving. They change to address contemporary realities and corporate dynamics. Design in 2020 was marked by the Covid-19 pandemic. Will the situation be similar in 2021? If you’re planning an office renovation this year, here are some of the most prominent trends to pay attention to.

Pandemic Realities: The Return of the Office Cubicle

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way many companies work. While many spent months working remotely, business owners are now thinking about a gradual return to the office. To ensure employee safety, however, they may have to change layouts. Some interior design professionals predict the return of the cubicle in an attempt to introduce better social distancing measures.

Office Lighting Guide: Making Functional, Space-Enhancing Choices

Office reinstatement is mandated in Singapore before the end of a lease. The scope of work will depend on the specifics of the agreement that you signed with a landlord. Still, an office reinstatement checklist can help you keep track of all processes, completing the work within a reasonable timeframe.