MySmile Dental Office Renovation Project: Friendly Professionalism with a Touch of Sophistication

Going to the dentist is still perceived as a tedious or even frightening task by many, even when the procedure aims to improve the appearance of one’s smile and build confidence. To tackle that phenomenon, MySmile Dental went on a journey to brand itself through interior design.

The SORDC Singapore office renovation professionals joined the team of MySmile Dental to make the transformation complete. We worked on the interior design of the clinic, giving it more warmth and a friendly vibe while still maintaining the professional sophistication required for reputation establishment.

Would you like to learn a bit more about our approach? Let’s take a look at the MySmile Dental premises together.

Clean Functionality with a Friendly Nod

Several clinic and office renovation elements stand out, determining the overall vibe at the new MySmile Dental facilities.

The façade sets the tone. It displays the MySmile Dental logo – a brand element filled with character and personality that it instantly needed to become focal. The logo colours – pastel blue and pink also dominate the rest of the design. You can see these tones featured throughout the interior design, creating visual consistency and a good flow of the décor elements.

We also opted for an almost completely transparent glass showcase, getting passers-by curious in finding out more about the clinic.

Let’s check out the reception next. White, blue and pink all work together and the wooden panelling elements create a nice contrast. Geometric slats and white extended elements plus a mirror at the end create texture and visual engagement.

The reception opens up into the waiting area.

The waiting area strives for comfort and inspiration through the design choices. Large and comfy sofas in one of the corporate colours dominate the space. We also considered the needs of the youngest patients by adding small tables and chairs, as well as a child-sized storage unit that houses toys. A screen was also incorporated in the remodeling, allowing the team to play educational or fun materials for the waiting patients.

The ceiling features flowing curves in pink and built-in cove lighting create warmth and a friendly ambiance. As you can notice, there are no sharp edges or corners anywhere in the clinic’s interior. This choice makes the design relaxed while also giving good flow – a perfect juxtaposition to the sharp precision required to do dental treatment.

We can now explore into one of the treatment rooms. SORDC’s office renovation and interior design professionals worked very hard to maintain the friendly vibe from the waiting area while ensuring all essentials required for dental professionals to do their job.

You can notice the custom storage units and the shelving that provide practical convenience while also tying into the overall colour scheme. Pastel tones, blues and pinks dominate, tying into the overall design concept.

We made sure that the storage and preparation area is large. The cabinets and shelves cover an entire wall, giving MySmile Dental dentists convenience and a chance to tuck away all essential supplies.

As part of the custom cabinetry, we introduced pull-out shelves. Not only are these highly convenient, they provide an additional work surface that can be pulled inside the drawer after the dentist has completed a specific type of prep work.

The modern dental chair and the cleverly placed sleek entertainment screen in the ceiling for their client’s comfort are the focal points of the design. We kept the rest of the space clean, giving a dental professional enough room to move around and give the patient the best possible care.

We saved the X-ray room for the final part of our virtual tour.

Such functional premises in healthcare clinics are typically devoid of personality. The sterility is essential to give patients safety and quality but such emptiness can feel somewhat intimidating.

The MySmile Dental X-ray room is still clean and minimalist but the pastel pink colour brightens up the mood. Sufficiently intense lights make the space warmer and they also give X-ray technicians sufficient illumination to do their job without  making the brightness harsh.

Standard, Old-School Design Solutions Aren’t the Only Choice

Some interior design choices have turned into go-to solutions within certain industries and fields. Dental clinic design is an example of one such a stereotype. The traditional choice, however, is not the only one.

We’re really proud of the remodelling and redesign work our team completed for MySmile Dental. The warmth, friendliness and casual vibes demonstrate how traditional interior design choices can be given a push to ensure a surprisingly exciting outcome.

Is your business in need of an interior design upgrade? Do you want an original, distinctive solution that is in line with your brand philosophy?

SORDC is ready to take on the challenge. We’ve partnered up with various companies in Singapore to bring out the full potential of their commercial premises. Contact SORDC now for a free, no-obligations first consultation. Through this meeting, we’ll learn more about your brand and what your business stands for – an essential step for the to create a beautiful, functional office space that fits your branding, culture and work processes.