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A Look At The Progression of Office Design Since its Birth to Present Time – PART 1

The idea of an office came about because there was the need to manage administrative tasks from powerful players like the government, religious entities, and businesses. Today, a workplace is much more than that! Learn more by reading our article below.

A Core and Flex Model: the Right Workspace for Businesses Experiencing Hypergrowth

Growth is a milestone that every company wants to achieve. However, hypergrowth is different and demands a core-and-flex solution. Learn more.

Office Interior Design Concepts To Focus On In 2022

Due to Covid 19, businesses need to adopt a new way of operating, which includes changing many aspects of working in the office. 2022 will remain the same–offices will need to continue upgrading and creating the best working space that is safe, flexible, and also efficient at the same time. Here are interior design concepts to focus on in 2022.