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Xyrix Office Interior Design and Renovation Project

Corporate spaces can undergo tremendous transformations when the right concept is in place. The Xyrix office renovation project executed by the SORDC team is an excellent example. A new open office layout, exposed industrial elements and warm work all work together to completely transform and elevate the space.

Best Renovation Practices for Office Meeting Rooms

Choosing office furniture during a renovation should be a strategic process. The right pieces can increase comfort and engagement, which means they can also bring on a higher level of productivity. Businesses in Singapore can choose among numerous office furniture options but what does it take to make an optimal selection?

Permanent Office Closure Can Be Streamlined with an Office Reinstatement Service

Office reinstatement work is of paramount importance for a seamless handover. For the purpose, you need to partner up with some experienced professionals. The SORDC team have a lot of experience in the realm, based on which we’d like to share some recommendations.