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Work With The Best Office Renovation Contractor in Singapore

Have you just moved your business to a brand new office? Have you expanded the scope of your activities, which necessitates the remodeling of the professional premises you occupy?

Whichever scenario you’re dealing with, renovating and upgrading your office can both be incredibly exciting processes. At the same time, you should have a good idea about what you’re doing in order to make the most of the available space.

At SORDC, we breathe life into offices and commercial spaces. Our office interior design and renovation packages are especially tailored to the needs of various businesses. We will always take into account your company history, the enterprise organisation and the industry specifics to give you an optimal, tailored outcome.

How Do You Envision the Perfect Work Environment?

It’s our firm conviction that no two companies can operate in a one-size fits all solution. This is why the first step in our process is always the same: getting to know your company, your operations, culture and your business values.

How do you envision the perfect space for your employees? Does it need to be minimal and futuristic? Are you more focused on comfort and creating that homely feel? Based on the vision you have, we’ll come up with the office renovation solutions bound to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

We will also inquire about your budget and the extensiveness of the work you want to have done. The right questions will give us a reference frame, allowing us to execute up to your standards while keeping the expenditure reasonable.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about who we are and what kinds of work we do, please check out our office interior design portfolio before scheduling a first consultation session.

Get to Know Our Office Renovation Process

Our office interior design and renovation process consists of numerous steps. Together, they help drive the interior design conceptualisation, monitoring and execution of a renovation that ticks all the boxes. We adhere to the best industry and government standards and practices, which is why we’ll never take shortcuts while handling your office upgrade.

When you choose SORDC as your Singapore office interior design and renovation company, you’ll embark on a journey with us that involves the following steps:


  • Initial meeting to discuss your floor plan, your company and your space remodelling needs
  • Project design that takes into account your requirements and elevates the initial concept
  • Second meeting to discuss the project and make revisions upon necessity
  • Approval of quotation and documentation of cost
  • Project execution that includes renovation work, quality control and final handover

In other words, we will deal with everything from start to finish so that you wouldn’t have to. Once we’re done, you can move into your office and get to work immediately.

Key Values We Stand For

SORDC’s team is guided by several important values and beliefs. We put these core concepts into the planning and the execution of every single project that we take on for our clients.

The SORDC philosophy is predominantly focused on a balanced approach. Interior design and renovations can be used to accomplish a lot – make a space look bigger, increase its functionality, create a safe and healthy work environment, boost a company’s brand image. All of these goals can be accomplished when the right, purposeful choices are being made.


Above anything else, office interior design has to serve a purpose. That purpose is always the same – allowing employees to make the most of their work environment in order to complete their job quickly and effectively. Office functionality can maximise productivity, increase employee engagement and even bring down a company’s turnover rate. To ensure the functionality of the interior design concept chosen, we always account for business requirements, industry specifics and standards, size of the team and specifics of the office venue itself. We make sure that staff members have enough space, ergonomic furniture and other essentials to make every single workday a pleasure.


Just like an individual, a business has its personality and character. We try to feel the pulse of every organisation to make our office renovation project relevant to the DNA of your company. Every single challenge we take on allows us to get to know a new client better and to enhance a professional space in a way that was probably deemed unfathomable before.


Function and personalisation on their own are insufficient to give an office space the “wow” factor. This is where aesthetics come into place. We know what it takes to create visually-pleasing interiors. We know what it takes to choose the right style, the right colour scheme, textures and accessories. When a professional is involved in these processes, the result is timeless visual harmony. From the selection of the right lights to the right floor finishes, we have an eye for detail that will never disappoint.

Let’s Start Working on Your New Singapore Office

Having a great office isn’t just about building an image for your brand.

Most of us spend a lot more time at the office than at home. This is why corporate interior design has to be functional, bright, inviting and tailored to the needs of the respective team.

SORDC’s professionals know how to get there. Whether you own a startup and you’re renovating a small office or you’re doing a complete corporate space overhaul, we have the knowledge and the resources to make the change happen in the best way.

Contact us right now to schedule your first consultation and start the journey towards a better, brighter and more exciting professional space for your team.