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The Positive Effects Colours Can Have On Your Office

The right choice of colours can evoke positive emotions, improve mood, and heighten our work productivity. So, which colours are beneficial for the office? And where should you apply them in the workplace? Read on to know the answer to these questions.

Workplace Distractions: the Most Common in Office and How to Prevent Them with Interior Design

As much as you don’t want any distractions to be present in the workplace, they’re inevitable. What you can do is to prevent them from becoming an issue by having the right plan that tackles the root of the problem. In this article, we discuss the most common distractions and how to minimize them in the workplace.

Indicators of A Good Office Space Planning Company

here are many companies out there that offer office space planning, but not all have the right skills and experience. To help you find the best office space planning company in Singapore, we have compiled all the points you need to look out for in a company in our article below.