Retail Interior Design and Renovation Services

Retail Interior Design and Renovation Services

How do you envision your perfect little boutique? Or maybe you’re planning the opening of a larger store that will service hundreds of customers every single day?


Whichever scenario applies to your business, the importance of retail interior design remains high. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience, you probably realise that the inner organisation and decoration of a retail venue can make or break it.


The right store design enables effective traffic control, it puts emphasis on your key products and encourages clients to spend more time engaging with your brand. To accomplish all these goals, however, you need a well thought-out and professional execution. Most commercial spaces come with limitations that individuals who aren’t interior design professionals cannot overcome.


Having someone to handle retail interior design and the renovation work on your behalf can give you the outcome you’ve always dreamed of. The SORDC team has the vision and the experience to turn every single commercial space into a bustling, popular boutique or store.

Retail Interior Design: Why It’s Important

Retail interior design isn’t just about making your Singapore store look pretty. It has a functional dimension, as well.


For a start, the retail space should speak of your brand philosophy. It needs to project a clear message and impress the visitor. The goal can be accomplished in more than one way, as long as you’re creative and true to your brand’s nature.


Innovative design can also encourage people to spend more time exploring products, testing them out and acquainting themselves with the full range that the store has to offer. Even if you have the best products under the sun, these will remain under-appreciated in the absence of good store design.


Design and retail renovations can also help you maximise the available space and organise the store effectively. Many companies cannot afford a large commercial space. They worry, however, that opting for a small store will make the place look too crammed and busy.


Most commercial space challenges and shortcomings can be addressed through the right design. It’s easy to create the illusion of more space, to put together a luxury display without spending a ton and to give your store visitors a sophisticated experience. You simply need to choose the right partner to get the job done.

The SORDC Retail Interior Design and Renovation Philosophy

Our retail interior design and renovation philosophy is based on the following tenets:


  • Comprehensive services that give clients a complete outcome.
  • Conceptualisation, planning, management and execution of retail interior design projects
  • Attention to detail during every step of the way
  • Cost-efficient solutions that give clients the best possible quality within the price range
  • Effective communication
  • Personalisation – we believe there isn’t a one-size-fits all approach in the realm of residential interior design

We do our best to get to know clients really well before suggesting any commercial space modifications. By getting to know you and your business, we can put together an interior design project that meets the needs of your clients and presents your business in the best possible light.

Why Choose Us for Your Project?

With so many interior design and renovation service providers in Singapore, why should you go for a partnership with SORDC?

We believe several characteristics of the interaction with our team shape up the SORDC advantage:

State of the art designs

we focus on form, function and fluidity to give every single client a modern design that also appears visually-impressive.

Extensive portfolio

over the decades (we have been in business since 1992), we have worked on dozens of retail and commercial designs. We understand the needs of different clients, regardless of business size and industry specifics.

A comprehensive solution

at SORDC, we believe that clients should not worry about a single thing. This is why we handle every single part of the interior design conceptualisation and renovation project. From creating a visual presentation to handling the cleanup after the work is done, we will make sure that the store is ready to welcome its first clients when we’re done.

Honest, punctual communication

every single client deserves transparency and honest communication. Our team provides progress information during every stage so that clients have peace of mind. 

Adherence to deadlines and project specifics

once we agree upon the specifics of the project, you can be 100 per cent confident in the execution. We will meet the deadlines and we will execute every little procedure that’s needed to bring the initial vision to reality.

What’s Your Vision for the Perfect Retail Space?

Do you have a very clear, specific idea about the interior of your store? Have you already come up with the perfect colour scheme, the placement of furniture and displays?


Communicate that vision with us today. We will be honoured to get to know your business and the way in which you imagine the store’s interior. 


Even if you don’t know how to approach the project, we can lend a helping hand.