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Office Renovation: Things to Avoid for a Costly Office Reinstatement Later

Customising a brand new office is obviously important to make your team feel right at home in this venue. Going too far with the changes, however, will contribute to some expensive office reinstatement processes later on. Are there ways to tweak office interior design without increasing the cost of an eventual reinstatement in the future?

Dental Clinic Renovation Project Presentation: The Cheerful World of Yours Toothfully

Dental clinic interior design is becoming more creative, artistic and functional than ever before. The Yours Toothfully project is an excellent illustration of those claims. The SORDC team worked on the renovation project, giving the clinic more personality, colour and practical appeal.

Picking the Right Office Tables and Desks

Large, small, standing, multi-person use – office desks and tables are available in so many varieties. Choosing the right pieces of furniture for your corporate space depends on several things. Your budget, the industry that you represent and the needs of individual workers will all have to be considered before you buy new desks.