About Singapore Office & Retail Design Consultants (SORDC)

Our History

Singapore Office & Retail Design Consultants (SORDC) is an interior design service provider catering to corporate office and commercial interior design. We are a subsidiary of Home Guide Design & Contracts Pte Ltd, which has been a recognised name in Singapore’s interior design market since 1992.

We have a stellar portfolio of local projects, managed by highly experienced and qualified designers.

Offices are spaces where productivity and inspiration are important, and we aim to create an environment where aesthetics and functionality come together in a seamless blend. Our commitment to your requirements is unparalleled, and we make sure that your commercial interior space will turn out the way you envisioned it.

Specializing in interior design consultancy that produces turnkey projects, our priorities lie in optimum space planning, fuss-free project management and timeline adherence.

Vision & Mission

  • To become the well-respected leader of interior design for corporate and commercial spaces
  • To be at the forefront in the field of interior design in terms of innovation and portfolio range
  • To serve our customers to the best of our abilities, providing a consistent level of professionalism, integrity, and dedication
  • To conduct our business with fair and ethical business practices, and adopt transparent and accurate communication with our clients at all times
  • To constantly seek to improve the standard of our services

Our Formula

  • Professionalism is at the heart of our business and we are committed to providing quality service that is tailored to our clients’ preferences.
  • We pride ourselves on honest communication and work hard to maintain an ideal work relationship with our clients.
  • Our designs combine: Form, Function & Fluidity
  • All designers are highly competent and capable of designing aesthetically-pleasing and functional spaces as per exact requirements down to the last detail.
  • We are a one stop interior design service provider, offering a range of services from design consultancy, project management and soft finishing works, to regulation submissions and renovation services.
  • From the planning phases to the finishing touches, our designers will demonstrate their efficiency and capabilities in managing your project for you.
  • Time-sensitive projects are no problem; we provide realistic goals and budgets so you can achieve what you need, when you need it.


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