Facts Global Office Renovation Project

Office interior design isn’t just about the aesthetics. There are numerous practical considerations that go into the selection of the right fixtures, décor items and furniture. When done right, office interior design can boost productivity and enhance operations in the specific field.

Custom solutions usually deliver a very high return on investment (in the form of higher worker engagement, more quality time spent at the office and better collaboration) because the solutions are very targeted to business and culture goals of the company. We’d like to discuss this principle further by presenting the work we did at the FACTS Global Energy office.

More Space, Customised Furniture

When working with the client, we decided to use the current office layout with focus on two major improvement areas – space optimisation and employee comfort through custom system furniture.

We worked on the space issue by turning the former two rooms into one open space. Walls and dividers have pretty much become redundant in the contemporary workspace. There are more flexible and innovative ways to ensure privacy and separate functional zones from each other.

Next, we focused on giving the FACTS Global Energy employees the most comfortable everyday experience.

All the system furniture was put together by the SORDC team, customized to the size of the office and our space optimisation goal.

We kept the colour scheme neutral to give the office modernity, brightness and a sophisticated touch. The greys, whites and blacks of the furniture work perfectly well together with the textured warmth of the wooden storage units and the flooring.

The dark red square on the carpet added vibrancy and fun to the entire concept. We believe this little final touch provides some much-needed zest.

As far as individual work stations go, the guiding principle for the selection of the office interior design elements is comfort. Ergonomic chairs and clean surfaces work together to provide every single worker with the essentials required to do a good job and feel excellent every single day.

A Meeting Room with a View (and Some Multimedia!)

Next, we turned our attention towards the FACTS meeting room.

The room benefits from the exceptional urban landscape visible through large windows. A collaborative environment was created through our team putting together the right furniture and equipment that are all brand new.

A TV feature was also added for effortless presentations. We kept the design minimal, clean and free from unnecessary fixtures to remove distractions from the presentation itself – which is the main focus. This way, through comfort and technology, we designed a meeting space that encourages creativity and exchange of ideas.

Custom Solutions Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune

You probably understand the power and appeal of customised interior design solutions but you fear the price tag.

The truth is that an office renovation can be carried out in a cost-efficient way. When the right solution is chosen, its longevity will expand. As a result, the need for future renovations and facelifts will be reduced significantly.

If you’re interested in the execution of a custom office renovation project, please get in touch with the SORDC team today. We’ll do our best to offer a concept that meets all of your corporate needs and that also falls within a budget you feel comfortable with.