Checkmarx Office Renovation Project

Just a few decades ago, office interior design used to be simple and straightforward. Corporate, serious and focused on productivity, the office of the past lacked a creative dimension. Luckily, mindsets have changed and so have work spaces.

The office renovation project that the SORDC team executed for Checkmarx Singapore recently is proof of this claim. What started out as a simple office renovation transformed into a thorough upgrade aimed at offering employees a much better work-life balance than before.

Here’s how the renovation concept originated and what we changed to give the Checkmarx team more convenience and enjoyment of the office ambiance.

All Work No Play?

SORDC worked on the creation of a lounge and entertainment area for the Checkmarx Office.

We used a raised platform as a subtle way to separate the relaxation area from the rest of the office. Inside, we did the best we could to utilise the available space in an optimal way.

A lounge/relaxation area can have more than one purpose. Some employees will simply chill there. Others will enjoy a conversation with co-workers or have a creative brainstorming session. As a result, the interior design needs to maintain as much versatility as possible.

Comfortable seating dominates the décor of the lounge area. At the same time, it brags a degree of cheerfulness and casual appeal. The mint green colour helps the eye relax and it breaks away from the typical corporate palette. The little, ergonomic tables add to the functional appeal of the space as they can be moved around effortlessly.

The natural flooring material works well with the furniture finishes while also creating some visual appeal through its texture. Since the rest of the execution is pretty much monochromatic, the wooden floor gives the visual execution some dynamic movement and flow.

A Home Away from Home

We believe that every office space should look warm and inviting. Employees spend a lot more time at work than they do at home. Hence, the office interior design needs to maintain some of that homey feel without becoming distractive.

This is precisely what we aimed to accomplish at the Checkmarx Singapore office and with the help of the company, the goal was surpassed.

Once we completed the renovation, Checkmarx invested in a brand new karaoke system, increasing the functionality of the lounge area even further. Now, the space can house office parties and leisurely meetings aimed at team building and helping people spend quality time together.

The Right Ingredients for Office Space Elevation

Even small offices that lack modernity can be transformed thoroughly if you start out with the right idea. That idea corresponds to the needs of the team and makes the most of the space by increasing its range of functionalities.

If you don’t know how to approach such a transformation, contact SORDC today. We’ll be more than happy to learn more about you and your business. Based on that information, we’ll come up with a personalised project bound to check all of the boxes.