Our Latest Office Interior Design Projects – A Brief Analysis

Office interior design and renovation work isn’t as simple today as it used to be just a few decades ago (and that’s a good thing!).

The office of the past had its cubicles and clearly designated spaces. Today, businesses need a lot more fluidity, functionality and versatility. This is why office and retail interior design spaces can look so different from each other.

Each year, a few new trends make it among the staples that interior design professionals adhere to when doing their job. To demonstrate these latest trends and tendencies, we’d like to present two of our newest projects.

Open Spaces and Bright Colours

The Lounge Room that we designed for Checkmarx Singapore

Workers today prefer spacious, clean and airy offices that don’t feel cramped or cluttered.

The goal can be accomplished in more than one way. Adopting an open-floor plan and choosing modular of flexible types of furniture can also contribute to a clean space that only contains the essentials people require to do their job.

Here’s an example of how an open and clean office interior design concept works.

Our team worked on the the interior design and renovation for the Checkmarx office and we opted for both minimalism and functionality.

A streamlined reception welcomes visitors and instantly sets the tone. Green and blue (turquoise) are the two colours that dominate the project. We chose these tones because they carry positive, optimistic vibes and because they make the space much more exciting than the typical office neutrals.

The waiting area blags long, modular seating, as well as puffs that add a cute, more home-like feel to the space. Once again, the design and the selection of decorations are both minimal to keep people from feeling closed in after they get inside the space.

While some partitions have been utilised to give workers a bit of privacy, these are also executed from glass and transparent materials. A couple of strategic decorations on the clear panel create visual interest and also keep curious eyes from engaging with everything inside the respective space.

Warmth and Natural Materials + Functional Appeal

Office Space we designed for Forward Search Consulting

In the past, office interiors were executed in neutral, “serious” colours like grey, black, white, beige and navy. Most of these are quite cold and impersonal, making the space look and feel a little bit sterile. Luckily, restrictions have fallen today and offices can appear much more welcoming and inviting.

The Forward Search Consulting office we recently completed is an excellent example of the claim.

From the reception area to the kitchen, the interior design prioritises warm tones and the use of natural materials like wood.

These are much more reminiscent of residential interior design, which contributes to a sense of comfort. When people have to spend numerous hours per day engaging with the same corporate environment, they will definitely want a décor that at least partially reminds them of home.

The warmth and natural appeal of the materials work well with the functionality that we wanted to introduce throughout the office interior design concept. Sufficient storage solutions, comfortable desks and partitions all work together to give professionals the ideal conditions for concentration and hard work.

Finally, let’s talk about the office bathroom – an important space that doesn’t get spoken about way too often.

Office Bathroom we designed for Forward Search Consulting

The Forward Search Consulting bathroom has been decked out with all of the essentials and then some more. We introduced a wooden element to maintain visual consistency but overall, the bathroom design is a lot cooler and a bit more detached/neutral than the rest of the execution.

What’s the Right Choice for Your Office?

These two examples show just how diversified contemporary office interior design solutions can be.

Needless to say, a corporate space can be personalised in numerous additional ways. When tailoring the project, interior designers will consider the specifics of the office, the needs of employees and the essentials for the respective industry or line of work.

At Singapore Office & Retail Design Consultants, we know what it takes to make even the smallest little commercial space a modern and inspiring office.

Are you looking forward to getting a new office for your business or upgrading the current workspace you occupy? Don’t hesitate to contact us today and discuss the specifics of the work that you’d want to have done.