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Office Reinstatement Essentials for a Seamless Handover

Office reinstatement work is of paramount importance for a seamless handover. For the purpose, you need to partner up with some experienced professionals. The SORDC team have a lot of experience in the realm, based on which we’d like to share some recommendations.

Redefining Office Interior Design to Meet New Pandemic Reality

Hybrid work models will become more prominent in the years to come. The coronavirus pandemic showed us that it’s possible to work from home and visit the office rarely. How will office interior design be redefined to meet contemporary realities and is the change going to stick?

Office Renovation Trends and Covid-19 Downsizing: New Possibilities and Limitations

The office is the place where we spend the majority of the day. The workplace environment can be either uplifting or depressing, depending on the décor and the interior design choices made. Office design can have a profound effect on mental health and here are some of the ways in which this impact can be beneficial.