Upcycling in the Office: Breathing New Life into Old Items

With people becoming more and more aware of their impact on the environment, upcycling (reusing old things) is becoming incredibly on trend. This also applies to the office space; we recommend thinking twice before throwing old things away!

Upcycling is environmentally friendly and, of course, more budget-friendly than purchasing new items. It also provides greater opportunities for customization. If you involve your employees in the process, upcycling can foster a spirit of teamwork among them.

Keep reading as we share all about the practice of breathing new life into old furniture: upcycling.

Reupholster Furniture Pieces

You can instantly jazz up tired office system furniture pieces by refreshing their upholstery. This especially applies to old chairs in your office as well as larger seating areas, such as sofa sets. For a luxurious effect, consider fabrics like chenille and velvet. Tip — Reupholstery provides a great way to integrate your brand into the office interior design simply by using company colors.

Give Wooden Items A Fresh Coat of Paint

If you have old desks ready to dispose of, consider painting them instead. We recommend fun-colored chalkboard paint for a design twist. Alternatively, you can opt for a decoupage project. If needed, you can also update the hardware and make the old desk as good as new.

Utilize Empty Crates

Source empty crates if you don’t have them around. Stack them on top of one another and attach them together, creating modular storage units. You can then use this new and innovative storage solution to organize books, magazines, and even files. Bonus: This is an incredibly cost-effective storage solution!

Create Ladder Shelves

If you have an old wooden ladder lying around in your office space, it’s time to spice it up. Smoothen the surface and apply a fresh lick of paint. Once dried, position it in your office where you need some extra shelving. If needed, place flat wooden pieces across each set of rails. This will provide optimal space to place office essentials as well as decor items.

Upcycle Old Items for a Budget-Friendly Office Revamp!

To make the most of your cost-effective upcycling project in the office, be sure to plan ahead and have all necessary materials at hand before getting started. You should also properly clean (and sand) the old furniture items for a smooth finish. And remember, focusing on the quality of your upcycled pieces — instead of the quantity of projects you get done — helps ensure you make meaningful additions to your office interior.

If you’re struggling, connect with the best office renovators in town and let them assist you with your office design project.