Indicators of A Good Office Space Planning Company

In any office renovation project, proper planning can result in better outcomes. When it comes to office space planning, the steps are dynamic and complex. Therefore, you need the right strategies that will help make the process as simple as possible. No one wants a hassle, and you definitely don’t want to waste precious time and money. Read on to know about the important indicators to look out for when choosing the best office space planning company in Singapore for your next office interior design project. 


Every business is unique, so there is no one right plan for office space planning. Thus, personalisation is critical in an office space planning project. The planner should be able to offer assistance that can tailor their service to the needs of your business. So, in other words, the planner should be looking into your business to understand all about your brand. What’s the core value of your company? How does your operation work? What image are you trying to reflect in your future office? What company culture do you exercise? If the planner takes no time to do that, then that’s the first significant red flag. 

Offers Complete Services

The second tip looks at the service itself. Everyone may not realize it, but office space planning is much more complex than just jotting down what and where things will be placed in the office. There are more important steps, and your office space planner should be assisting you in all the efforts. 

Office space planning is also about the ability to successfully synergise the space and the people who work in it. Successful implementation of this process can result in maximising growth and productivity. So from strategizing design to choosing office furniture to placements, all steps need to be completed accordingly and professionally to ensure the best work environment is created for your office. 

Remember that your office will be a crucial support system for the business, so you certainly want every important small detail to be included. Failing to do so means you won’t get the full benefits of what an office should be providing your business with. 

Communicate Effectively And Has A Clear Schedule

Office space planning is a meticulous process, so communication is vital. Not just can it ensure a smooth workflow, but it also prevents misunderstanding. There are many circumstances where customers don’t get the result they expect due to poor communication. Besides work progress and schedule, deadlines should also be communicated and agreed upon by both parties.

Punctuality is equally important. Extending deadlines and time frames are costly and can be easily avoided if the company strictly commits to deadlines. Furthermore, the office space planner must be readily available and have vast experience in the business. One good way of finding out about this is by looking at the testimonies of past clients. 

Office space planning is a crucial step in creating an effective office. Therefore, you need due diligence to pick the right office space planning company in Singapore. SORDC has the experience and the complete service to meet all your expectations when creating and renovating an office space. So feel free to check us out and give us a call for more information.