Best Renovation Practices for Office Meeting Rooms

A meeting or conference room is one of the most important parts of the office. Strategic decisions are taken there. People get in this space for creative exchanges, brainstorming and collaborative efforts. To encourage all of these activities, a meeting room needs to have the right design.

If you’re about to undertake an office renovation, don’t forget to put focus on the meeting rooms. You can do so many things to encourage creative exchanges and productive workshops. Creating prefect meeting rooms that meet your business needs does not have to an expensive and difficult affair. All you need to do is partner with an office interior design company that has the experience, expertise and creativity to understand your needs to envision, plan, conceptualise and execute the construction of meeting rooms that suit all your needs.

Lights Are So Important!

The conference room is a place where people will make presentations, talk about projects, interview new talent and try to win potential clients over. It is a highly functional space and as such, it needs highly functional lights.

One of the easiest ways to upgrade the conference room involves the introduction of a brand new lighting system.

Unnecessary harsh and overly bright lights will discourage people from spending more time in the conference room. Instead, choose softer lighting and also consider the addition of functional lights that can be turned on when needed.

Ensure ceiling fixtures are aligned with the meeting room and table setup. Dimmable lighting is another excellent idea that will ensure versatility.

Pull-down lights provide a highly functional solution to illuminate a part of the table whenever employees are working on a document or need more brightness in a certain part of the conference room.

When reconsidering the conference room lights, also think about paint colour. Lighter and softer tones can make the space appear a bit more intimate and they’ll also add to the functional appeal of the lighting system chosen.

Introduce New Technology

High-tech interactive media is becoming a part of everyday corporate processes. Something as simple as the addition of an interactive touch large screen on one of the walls can help employees make more impressive presentations that will win new clients over.

Tablet stations, digital whiteboards and video conferencing solutions are worth considering.

These new tech gadgets make it possible to escape from the rigid boardroom design. Technology should be chosen to make interactions more fun and productive. Gadgets for the sake of gadgets aren’t enough to get people collaborating. Think about your industry and the specific ways in which team members interact. When you focus on such peculiar aspects of doing work, you’ll know which innovative tech solutions make the most sense.

Talk to SORDC about your needs and how your business functions and we will work out the best solution for your needs.

Get Rid of the Conference Room Altogether

If you’re about to execute a more comprehensive office remodelling project, consider getting rid of the old-school conference room altogether.

Open spaces that are flexible and utilisable in more than one way make a lot more sense than sticking to a rigid office layout.

Breakout spaces are designated functional zones in the office that can be used for meetings, relaxation, getting to know each other or interact in informal settings.

Such spaces can still benefit from privacy (movable partitions and the specific furniture arrangement will keep the zone separate from the rest of the office) without feeling detached.

While such spaces are mostly chosen to encourage internal collaboration within the team, they can still be decked out with the right technology to carry out client or B2B partner meetings. A flexible design is perfect for smaller spaces and offices that simply cannot afford to have a dedicated meeting room. Such arrangements also make sense for younger teams and startups within innovative industries that want to change the overall reputation of the field.

Send the Right Message

Casual and fun will be perfect for many businesses but it’s not the optimal choice for everyone.

When redesigning the meeting room, think about the types of people who’ll be brought inside most often.

While beanbags and a table tennis setup will be a lot of fun for employees, these can send a message that’s way too frivolous for clients to get on board with.

Remodelling should allow the space to serve both purposes – entertaining workers and showing brand values to potential partners and clients.

You can accomplish both by keeping the general design clean and functional. Accessories can be added or taken away easily when you have the right foundation to work with. A plush sofa with some stylish, comfortable pillows is going to be equally suitable for a chat between co-workers and a serious meeting with potential investors.

Make sure that the design is inviting without being cluttered or too out there (unless that’s the exact message you want to deliver). The goal is easy to accomplish when you partner up with the right office renovation team.

SORDC has decades of experience in the field. Through the years, we’ve helped many Singapore businesses transform their professional spaces and make the most of what the specific corporate layout has to offer.

If you want a flexible, warm and functional meeting room, contact SORDC today. You will benefit from a no-obligations first consultation during which we’d get to discuss your interests and renovation goals. Based on that information, we will conceptualise an office renovation plan that’s bound to deliver everything you’re looking for and then some more.