Top 4 Tips For Choosing Office Wall Art

The benefits of office interior design — especially wall art — go beyond just the aesthetics. Yet still, wall décor is considered an afterthought while executing office interior design.

Wall art is known to reduce stress and increase productivity and creativity, but making a choice that pleases everyone may be tricky. Therefore, while renovating your office, you’ll need to consider several factors, including the size and budget of your office and the cultural behavior of the staff. 

Here are some important tips you should know while incorporating wall decor into your office interior. 

Use Brighter Colors For Brighter Moods 

Wall art is known to influence moods — and leveraging the right hues is essential.

If your office is monochromatic in a neutral hue, such as gray, things can seem bland and boring. On the other hand, bright colors depict positivity and inspire creativity. This means a splash of bright-colored art is exactly what you need to shift moods from grumpy and frustrated to cheerful and upbeat. 

Colours like green will instill creativity and yellow will create a sense of joy. Such shades will not only help keep employees motivated but will also have a positive impact on visitors if placed in waiting rooms and receptions.

You may also want to connect with an office interior design company to source artwork appropriate for your space, and a color palette that works coherently with your brand image and culture!

Inspire Conversations with Abstract Art

Abstract art has the ability to provoke different views, opinions and emotions. It stimulates imagination and thoughtfulness. This makes it the perfect choice for collaborative workspaces. In fact, such art has proven to unfold people’s creative potential in interesting ways. 

Additionally, abstract art can add a ravishing pop to your office. If you want to add it to white walls, pick bold and bright colors that will instantly stand out on the white background. If you want oversized abstract wall art having a blend of neutral and pastel hues, consider placing it on dark walls for a better ambiance.

Curate Art That Works with the Space

Office space planning must be done carefully, so it doesn’t cause cluttering and over-decorating. This makes size an essential consideration when choosing wall art. 

For large spaces, oversized wall art would suit best. It helps create a focal point, captivates viewers’ attention, and incorporates a composed effect. For smaller spaces, you can hang one or two pieces that create a memorable impact. This will avoid crowding but will give an interesting visual piece to the confined space. 

Incorporate Visuals That Tell a Story 

Design pieces or illustrations that tell the company story encourages conversations between colleagues and visitors can prove beneficial. In that regard, you may work commission pieces that expresses inspirational quotes, infographics or company mottos in beautiful ways to inspire your staff and impress clients. This can be executed on mediums such as paintings, sculptures, graffiti art and landscape photography.

An Element That Will Never Go Out of Style

Office interior design trends may change every now and then. However, one thing is agreed — office wall art will never be outdated! And with the top 4 tips given in this article, you can create an office interior that you and your employees love!