The Influence of Feng Shui on Office Interior Design

Feeling like your employees aren’t able to make the most of their time when working? Perhaps it’s the environment — and flow of energies — to blame. This is where the concept of Feng Shui comes in. Keep reading to learn all about it, as well as the benefits feng shui has to offer for your office interior design.

Feng Shui: What Is It?

Feng shui is an age-old Chinese principle that focuses on positioning objects intentionally. This means arranging them so they align with the flow of natural energy. This concept greatly affects the placement of furniture (and other items) in your office space too!

The Influence of Feng Shui on Office Interior Design

Feng shui and its five elements (earth, water, metal, fire, wood) have a say in how you position items to allow energy flow. Let’s discover the major effects of these elements and how you can optimize them to your benefit.


The colours you use in your office design play a massive role in feng shui. 

  • Brown, neutrals, and earthy tones — depict the ‘earth’ element and are used for stability
  • Black — depicts the ‘water’ element, and helps with flow
  • Red — depicts the fire element, and signifies inspiration
  • Blue and green — depict the wood element, and are ideal for growth
  • Gray, white, and metallic tones — depict the metal element, and are great for efficiency


If your office interior has lots of clutter (including office system furniture being placed in between walkways), the flow of energies may be blocked. This can impact your staff’s energy and performance. So, placing furniture out of the way is essential.


Feng shui says that desks influence careers. So, be sure to invest in sturdy desks made of brown wood. Feng shui also suggests avoiding glass desks (as ideas and motivation can fall out of the glass tops!). Additionally, desk positioning makes a difference; placing desks in power positions ensures employees can make the most of their time spent working.

Water Elements

Feng shui believes in adding the water element to your office to invite abundance. To achieve the purpose, you can place a compact water fountain towards the northern end of your office space.


According to feng shui, you can bring growth to your office by incorporating plants. For example, Money Plant helps draw in wealth while Lucky Bamboo can be used for good luck.

The Unification of Feng Shui Principles and Office Interior Design

Ultimately, integrating Feng Shui principles into your office interior design is a process that requires a deep understanding of the dynamics between space, aesthetics, and energy flow. Working with experienced office interior design companies, like SORDC, can make all the difference. With their decades of experience in office renovations blending seamlessly with the wisdom of Feng Shui, they can create a harmonious balance within your workspace. 

SORDC has been highly competent in working with Feng Shui Masters to ensure that every element, from the furniture layout to colour scheme, aligns perfectly with the unique energy of your office space. This partnership between design professionals and Feng Shui Masters creates a synergy that results in not just aesthetically pleasing settings, but also spaces that inspire creativity, promote productivity, and create a serene environment.