Preparing for Growth – Should You Relocate or Renovate Your Office?

Office spaces are constantly evolving, and most office owners are faced with a choice – whether to relocate or renovate their workspace. This is a crucial decision to make because relocating can mean more costs, and renovation can be a bad call if your office space doesnt feed your business needs any longer..

This article will address the issue of relocating vs. renovating your office and help you make the best decision for your business.

Renovation – When You Can Adjust Your Needs

More often than relocation, office renovation is a safer, less costly choice. In many cases, people who are debating this choice just want to make upgrades to their workspace.

Let’s discuss some of the scenarios where renovation should be your top priority and when you know it’s time to contact your office renovation contractor:

  • You are satisfied with your current location, and there are only minute or major problems that are easily fixable and cost less than relocation.
  • You can see your employees comfortable in the office space and see all of their needs met. Keep in mind that if you are planning to hire more employees, there are office designs that can create more space within the same floor plan, something that an office interior design company like SORDC can definitely help with.
  • Sometimes renovation is a compromise you have to make when you can’t get out of your lease but still have necessary improvements to make. So you settle for the next best option – renovation. Check out our Office interior design portfolio  for some office interior design inspiration.
  • As a business owner,  you need to evaluate the risks vs. benefits when making this decision. Would a relocation be too draining on your company and demand time and money that you don’t have? Would it considerably impact your company’s productivity? If the answer is yes, then renovation is the next best option for you.

Relocation – When Your Surroundings Need a Change

While the renovation is usually an easier option, it may only solve a few problems that have to do with leases, location, and landlords. In that case, relocation is an alternative.

  • You are not satisfied with the location of your office and want to shift areas.
  • You are not satisfied with the price you are paying.
  • The relationship you have with your landlord is rocky, and you wish to end it.
  • Your lease is expiring, and you cannot or do not want to renew it.
  • You want a change of scenery, want to explore or get a fresh start.
  • The size of your team is expanding, and you want a bigger space or its changing to a hybrid mode.

All of these scenarios are ideal reasons why you should move and start office space planning before starting over in a different place. Start shopping for office system furniture and get going on your new adventure! whether you are relocating or renovating or cannot decide yet – contact SORDC for a consultation.