Office Reinstatement Essentials for a Seamless Handover

Completing an office reinstatement is a part of your contractual obligation before the lease ends. Depending on the amount of time you’ve spent at the office or the degree of personalisation you’ve done, the scope of work could be extensive. Let’s not forget the contractual stipulations you’ll have to meet, as well.

Doing an office reinstatement on your own isn’t the best idea. In fact, not getting professionals involved will make you waste time and maybe even money.

A seamless handover is all about addressing your responsibilities in the most convenient and cost-efficient way possible. To make that happen, you should definitely partner up with an experienced reinstatement team and you should take the following essentials in consideration.

Begin Planning Early Enough

Leaving the reinstatement work to the last possible minute is a recipe for disaster.

Many office and commercial venue occupants feel like the work they’d need to do in the end of the lease is minimal and cosmetic. Most often, however, this isn’t the case.

We’ve already discussed some of the most common projects that need to be completed as a part of the reinstatement. Workstation removal, cabinetry taking down, repainting, wall hacking, repairs, bringing back original fixtures and others do take time.

But it’s not just the work that needs to be planned. You also require enough time to research and come across the right partner for the job. While numerous companies in Singapore offer such services, the quality isn’t the same.

Keep in mind that having to do a rush job is going to cost you more in terms of contractor fees.

This is why you need at least a few months before the lease expires to plan and execute the reinstatement. Starting early enough may be difficult as such work will interfere with office operations (if you haven’t moved to a new venue yet). Still, doing your homework and leaving enough time will ensure business continuity while also allowing you to fulfil all lease conditions in a timely manner.

Check Your Contract

You may assume that you know what needs to happen but are you 100 per cent confident?

Always check your lease contract and go through the reinstatement requirements before commencing work. It would be even better to review the document with your reinstatement manager.

Don’t assume there are standard terms and conditions valid for all leases. Some landlords could include more detailed clauses in the contract, forcing you to complete extensive work before full compliance is achieved.

Knowing your responsibilities and addressing all contract clauses is the best way to protect yourself against an eventual dispute – an issue that could end up costing you a lot of money to address.

Prepare for the Inspection

The fact that you’ve finished the office reinstatement in due time doesn’t mean the process is completely over.

Every landlord will inspect the property before the lease is terminated. This final inspection is an important process and you should be prepared for it. Your reinstatement team can help, giving you a detailed account of what work has been done and how it ensures compliance with the lease termination conditions.

Also knowing your obligations under the tenancy agreement will keep the landlord from overstepping boundaries and getting you into an exhausting dispute.

Make sure that you know when the landlord inspection is going to take place and be present. A joint inspection will give you an opportunity to handle questions and eventual disagreements in a quick and efficient manner.

If you come to a stalemate disagreement, request a written list of the landlord’s objections. Having a professional inspecting the property in the context of the lease terms and conditions may be a good idea to settle the dispute once and for all.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Finding the Right Contractor

As you’ve probably gathered already, the reinstatement team will be involved in many of the steps mentioned above.

Do not underestimate the importance of partnering up with the right professionals. Hiring someone who doesn’t have the experience or the work ethic required will turn the reinstatement work in a major headache. Furthermore, there could be additional complications and sanctions as a result.

To ensure a seamless handover, you need a team of experts who will handle the reinstatement from start to finish.

SORDC offers such solutions to its corporate clients, regardless of the venue’s size or the scope of reinstatement work that will have to be done.

Our office reinstatement approach is very strict – we will never make a quality compromise or cut corners. You can rest assured that full compliance will be guaranteed. At the same time, we will do our best to complete the work in a cost-efficient way.

The SORDC team is able to handle all aspects of the reinstatement – from construction to minor details. We have years of work experience and a stellar reputation due to the quality of the work we do. In fact, we let our work speak for itself and we’re more than happy to get numerous referrals from former satisfied clients.

If you need a consultation or you’re ready to begin the reinstatement process, get in touch with SORDC now. We’ll be glad to learn more about your business, the scope of the work that has to be done and the other details that will help for project tailoring and personalization.