Looking After the Well-Being of Your Workforce: How to Create the Optimal Office Break Room

Many companies turn a blind eye to the importance of a break room. It may be the thinking that an office break room will take up space and be an unnecessary expense. However, taking breaks from work is beneficial as it’s proven to be healthy and can enhance work performance. Research has shown that regular intervals can increase productivity, boost creativity, and improve mental health. Furthermore, people who take breaks regularly are more productive and less stressed than those who don’t. Providing a space to foster these benefits is imperative to creating the best working environment for your employees and, ultimately, your business success. 

Incorporate Biophilic Design

An optimal break room is one that can help in decreasing the stress level. One effective way to diminish stress is by incorporating a biophilic design. So, in other words, bringing nature into the room. Think of some greeneries like plants that’ll have positive effects on us and our surroundings. Also, don’t forget to open up the windows in your office and let the much-needed sunlight and fresh air in to help regulate the room. 

Adding some extra level of comfort for your employees to relax is also essential. You don’t need to spend a lot on fancy sofas.  Other simple, comfortable seating like some colourful bean bags will do it. 

And last but not least, items like decorations and art pieces are a good idea to have. They can help strengthen the particular environment you’re looking after–for example, paintings of landscapes to help boost the natural feel in the room. 

Paint it With the Right Colours

A break room should be relaxing but also stimulating at the same time. There is nothing simpler and more effective than adding colours to evoke those desired feelings. Opt for these hues to give positive effects: green or blue for relaxation, yellow or red for stimulation. You can, of course, paint the room with these colours, but you can also add things that have these shades.  For more tips and tricks on how you can add colours to your office, check out this article on the positive effects colours can have on your office. 

Add Entertainment

Employees seek the break room as a space to unwind and do other activities to get their minds off work, so it’s our job to offer them some good distractions while they’re on breaks. 

Entertainment such as books, magazines, or even tablets is a nice touch to add. Moreover, provide extra stimulation like snacks and beverages to help your workers fully recharge. That being said, make sure you have common rules in place, such as cleaning up after yourself to help keep the room clean and tidy. Remember that clutter isn’t anyone’s friend here. The mess can actually be a distraction to work and relaxation. 

Create a Tranquil Environment

Some people like to take breaks in privacy, and some want to have a conversation with colleagues. Ideally, your break room should accommodate these two styles. However, If you don’t have enough space to fit the two, you can instead provide some cancel-noise headphones for those who’d like to focus on themselves away from other noise and disruptions. Remember that accommodating the different preferences for your workers is an essential part of a flexible and hybrid working style. 

Involve the Team

Asking your employees about what they’d like to have in the break room should be considered. This is because employees will appreciate you for including them in the decision process, and listening to their feedback is an investment in itself. 

Giving your workforce a voice in the company can help boost their morale and help them work better, thus providing a positive contribution to the company. Building a solid company culture that includes the workforce in the decision-making process is one of the ingredients to success. 

Key Takeaways

Although it’s true that taking breaks can be done outside the office, you need to consider the time to travel back and forth. A break room should be there for those employees who want to take small breaks or even a full one without traveling outside. 

If space is a limited option for you, create one with a design that makes effective use of space. You need a thorough office renewal plan in place. This is where our office renovation expertise comes in handy. SORDC is an office interior design company with years of experience on our hands! So check us out, and let us know when you’re ready to collaborate.