Forward Search Consulting SOHO Office Renovation Project

SOHO (small office home office) interior design is becoming increasingly popular due to the proliferation of micro-enterprises and virtual businesses. Having a SOHO office enables a lot of versatility and efficiency but but also brings about some new challenges especially in work/life balance.

We were approached for the office renovation of the Forward Search Consulting office, a SOHO, was one such an exciting project. We optimized the available space with a focus on functionality, comfort and ease of maintenance.

Flexible Workplace Arrangements: The New Normal

We live in a time that necessitates a flexible, proactive approach towards workplace design. The Forward Search Consulting project is the perfect exemplification of this ideal.

During space planning and interior design, the team focused on three primary areas – the workspace itself, the pantry and the bathroom.

To make the most of the available office space, we opted for customised furniture. Custom- built pieces were precisely crafted to fit the space instead of dominating it. At the same time, the chosen items had to be practical for everyday professional tasks.

Each workstation installed in the Forward Search Consulting office has pin board backing and open shelving. We chose open shelves to ensure effortless organisation of documents and office materials without causing clutter and over-crowding.

To keep the execution in line with the SOHO concept, we redesigned the office pantry and storage area. As you can see from the picture, the pantry opens up into the office space. Since that part of the office is visible from the workstations, it definitely required a facelift.

Dark cabinetry and natural wood came together to give the space a sophisticated appeal. A marble kitchen backsplash also plays into the natural material theme. The built-in cabinetry provides plenty of room without looking bulky or obtrusive.

The final element we worked on was the bathroom renovation.

The shower area was completely renovated and we added anti-slip flooring to maximise safety. Matte marble tiles maintain the theme executed throughout the rest of the Forward Search Consulting office. As you can see, there are added natural wood elements in the cabinetry and stone tiles that cover the rest of the bathroom and give it a distinctively cool vibe.

Ready to Work on Your SOHO Project?

Office renovation and interior design professionals like the SORDC team don’t work solely on major corporate projects.

In fact, we enjoy the challenges and the immense creativity opportunities that come with the execution of small space upgrades.

If you’re looking office renovation services for your SOHO space. Contact SORDC now. You’ll benefit from a free of charge, no-obligations first consultation that we’ll use to learn more about you and to suggest the changes bound to give you the biggest impact.