Essential Workplace Technologies To Include For A Successful Hybrid Work Environment

Creating a hybrid workplace means that companies need to be flexible and be focused on supporting both in-house and remote employees. 

One crucial contributor to the success of flexible working styles is by having the right technologies. Without it, a hybrid workplace wouldn’t be as effective and will result in other consequential problems for your company and your workforce. So, below we present you the must-have workplace technologies needed to support an effective hybrid work environment. 

Enhance Collaboration And Security With Cloud Technology

More and more companies have switched to cloud technology because of its benefits: more secure, cost-saving, and provides a competitive edge. 

The first significant advantage of using cloud technology is its capabilities of storing big files and data. Besides saving up a lot of space in your office, digital document storage is more sustainable for being good for the environment(because you use less paper), help find documents easier, and cut costs (paper, folders, file cabinets, etc). 

What’s more, a digital document management system allows you to have more control over the files, especially sensitive ones. For example, you can choose to whom you give access, whether to see, delete or add files. 

Another benefit of using cloud-based technology is that it can greatly enhance collaboration. For example, communication tools such as Asana, Slack, Trello, and Google Drive, which are based on cloud computing systems, are effective in bringing in employees working remotely to collaborate and produce project success. 

Going digital, however, does come with one significant downside, and that is security risks. But with a cloud computing system, your data is more secure than having it stored with an in-house system. 

When you store your data in a cloud host, they’re monitoring your data on a full-time basis, therefore, it’s more efficient. Many organisations have felt the positive result. According to a finding by Salesforce, 94% of businesses said that they saw an improvement in security after switching to cloud. 

Maximise Communication Using Applications

Since a hybrid working style accommodates two different working conditions: remote and in-office, a good communication system is crucial to ensure effective workflow and productivity. 

Communication software such as Gmail, Slack, and Skype can fulfill that essential requirement by providing employees an easy-to-use and effective platform to exchange files, messages, and other information. This must, however, be supported by communication hardware like high-quality webcams and microphones to ensure everyone in the team can communicate efficiently. 

Most communication applications can connect users from different devices, so it doesn’t matter if one is using a desktop or mobile or someone is located far from each other. Information can still be sent and received as long as an internet connection is present.  

Remember that your network and wireless infrastructure support most of your technological capabilities. Therefore, having a durable and reliable Wi-Fi connection is crucial. Have a strong Wi-Fi connection throughout your office so that your workforce can work from all areas without worrying about poor connections. 

Implement Smart System For Physical Security

Developing a secure hybrid workplace is a vital part of your future business success. Providing a safe work space for your workers will help improve their work performance. 

Workplace security measures must go beyond the sphere of cyber and IT. You must also secure the physical aspect of your workplace. Use smart technologies to support your physical office security, such as visitor management software to manage access to your workplace effectively, door access hardware to restrict entrance points, and contact sensors that can be used as part of your alarm system.  

Support Hygiene With Cleaning Technologies 

One of the significant changes that COVID-19 has brought to the workplace is the ever-increasing focus on hygiene. As a result, people are more careful about their cleanliness and those around them. 

With this in mind, your office should take the necessary steps to ensure cleanliness at your workplace is a top priority. Take the opportunity that technologies can offer in regards to hygiene. 

Integrate technology into your office cleaning system. There are a number of ways you can do this,  from air purification systems to thermal detectors to robotic floor cleaners. If you need more help on how to apply these methods to your office space planning and office interior design, contact SORDC. Our team has decades of experience in office renovation planning management, and execution.