Designing A Workplace For The Best Client Experience

Did you know that people can form a visual impression in just a tenth of a second? And the results are long-lasting.  Therefore, first impressions are crucial, especially in the business world. Making a great first impression can make or break opportunities and future deals. 

The office is one area where you can showcase the quality of workforce and the effectiveness of your working culture. So how can you design your office so that it presents a good first impression to your clients? Let’s dig in some more. 

Show Off Your Brand Personality Through Design

Whether you’re looking for a new workplace or new office interior design in Singapore, you first need to be clear about your company’s DNA, like your brand’s story, identity, culture, and personality. These are essential factors to consider when working with your interior design company to ensure the design reflects your brand’s attributes. Successful implementation of office interior design can create a sense of belonging to your employees and clearly tells your brand’s story to the clients. 

So consider everything from the logo to the colour scheme and your preferred working style. Include all of these aspects in your office space planning and make your workspace stand out. 

If your office caters to a flexible or hybrid working style, let it show in your office interior design. For example, have multipurpose spaces and an open-style layout to maximise collaboration and increase work productivity.  

Likewise, if your business focuses on sustainability, you can incorporate the green office design into your workspace. Let your clients see how dedicated your company is to the cause. Your clients should be able to see and feel your brand’s character as soon as they step into the office, and this brings us to the next important point. 

Create A Well-Planned User Journey

When designing your office in Singapore, remember that your workspace says a lot about you and your company.  So how can you create an office space that reflects your brand’s identity and at the same time provides a pleasant visitor experience? The answer lies in the user journey. 

You sure want your office to look clean, professional, comfortable, and effective. But the look alone is not enough. You need to think of how visitors can actually experience the effectiveness of your workspace. 

Consider how clients will move through your workspace, and this should start from the beginning when they enter the reception to walking through the hallway and the meeting rooms to how your employees greet them. All the tiny details should be thoughtfully planned to achieve a successful visitor journey. 

Get Your Workforce Involved

Besides the design of your office, the people who work in it also significantly impact the client’s first impression. For instance, if they can see that your employees are happy and working efficiently, your clients will be more confident in working together with you. 

So, taking care of the well-being of your employees is an integral part of your business success. Communicate with your people clearly and let them have a say in many aspects of the business, including designing a workplace. 

Showcase Projects And Awards

To show off is sometimes frowned upon, but not in this case. You shouldn’t shy away from showing off your company’s achievements and current projects to your visitors. After all, the office is where all the work happens. If your company has some awards, let them know about it. This will show that your company means business and that you take pride in what you do. 

Your client should also be able to see your workforce in action. So if you’re an interior design company, have your visitors walk through the working areas where designing, collaborating, and brainstorming is currently underway. Office renovation and interior design are a meticulous process to get into. But that’s why we’re here to help! Our office interior design company in Singapore has the expertise and the requirements to help fulfill the dream office you’ve been longing for. So don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to help!