Classy Office Interior Design Ideas That Will Make a Statement

A modern office is no longer just about looking corporate and in line with the brand. The design chosen for a workspace can make a visual statement, stun and impress. It’s all about the big vision and the little details, coming together and making employees feel engaged and inspired.

So, what are some of the best classy and contemporary office interior design ideas that you should consider pursuing in the near future? We’ve come up with a couple of trends and suggestions based on the conceptual work that we’ve done for clients recently.

The Open Floor Plan

While this is definitely not a new idea, open floor plans in workspaces are increasingly establishing themselves as one of the most flexible and versatile options.

When you don’t have partitions, you create the idea of lots of space even in a tiny office. An experienced office interior design and renovation company knows how to still ensure some privacy and silence through the selection of functional areas and relaxation corners.

The open floor plan also plays a functional role.

Such an office gives everyone a clear view of the work areas. People can easily reach the team that they have to partner up with on the execution of a task. As a result, open floor plans are much more conductive of collaboration than cubicle formats or offices in different rooms.

Open floor plans encourage people to move around, to take breaks and casually interact with each other. Obviously, these are the leading work dynamics in a contemporary office.

It’s also important to point out that an open floor plan is much easier and more affordable to execute than other more intricate office arrangements. There are fewer walls, hence the need for remodelling goes down.

Use of Stunning, Non-Corporate Colours

In the past, offices across Singapore used to display lots of navies, beige tons, blacks, whites and other neutrals. Grey shades and tones were also quite popular, adding “seriousness” and gravity to the corporate space.

Luckily, things have started changing for the better and brighter.

Offices today are much more colourful, inviting and cheerful.

While bright and bold colours cannot be utilised throughout the space as these tend to get distracting, a few splotches of those create the perfect points of visual interest.

Light blue, yellow, orange, saturated purple and reds – all of these atypical corporate interior design colours are making their presence known today in offices across the world. They work really well with the usual office neutrals and they can make people smile, which is an added bonus.

Bright spots of colour are perfect for the chill-out areas or the places where creative work needs to take place. As long as such tons are used sparingly and strategically, they can elevate the whole concept without taking away from the seriousness of the work being completed by the brand.

Bringing the Home to the Office

It’s been well-established that people are happier spending long time in the office, as well as touches of home are brought to the workspace.

Many large companies across the world have adapted such a hybrid approach towards office interior design creation.

Soft and comfortable furniture, cushions, pillows and coquette coffee tables all have a place in the modern office.

An interior designer can work with the colours and the textures, as well, to take away from the otherwise monotonous appeal of standard office choices like stainless steel and leather.

Needless to say, plants and art can also be integrated in the contemporary workspace.

Multipurpose Spaces

A final great classy office interior design statement that you may want to consider is the multipurpose space.

A meeting room that also doubles as a silent space for concentration and creative work?  A place where can entire departments can come together to separate themselves for the rest of the team? One and the same room can accomplish all of that.

Usually, such spaces benefit from smart multi-function furniture or modular arrangements that can easily be realigned to meet the needs of the specific group of people currently occupying the room.

Multipurpose spaces are the ideal modern solution for small offices. A space-starved office doesn’t allow for the incorporation of so many distinctive functional areas. As a result, having a single space that’s capable of doing multiple things makes a lot of sense and gives employees the chance to enjoy everything required to do a good job.

Modern offices can be described in one single word – versatility.

Interior design today makes it possible to accomplish just about everything you put your mind to without needing a football-field-sized corporate premise. Smart furniture, movable design element and open spaces all come together to give workers control and freedom.

If you’re looking for ways to elevate your own office and make the most of the space’s every single feature, let the Singapore Office & Retail Design Consultants get involved. We know what it takes to upgrade every single corporate area, giving it the boost that you need to work comfortably and in the best modern settings. Contact us today to get the process started.