Aesthetic and Highly Functional Office Flooring You Should Consider

Flooring is one of the largest elements of space, yet people seem to look past it when entering a room. We’re more fixated on other parts of the space like the office layout, office system furniture, and decorations. But whether we realize it or not, flooring has significant effects on the room and the people in it. Besides making the room look more attractive, the floors can influence the work environment, which will ultimately impact work productivity and business success. 

Read on to know more about the importance of flooring and the best flooring options to take for your office space.

Function of Flooring

Before we get into the types of flooring, let us first see the important roles flooring can have on your workspace. 

Defining and guiding

One of the most useful functions of flooring is defining a space. The floor can emphasise the different sections in the office. For example, if you’re looking to create a formal space in your workspace, a light-toned base can help you get that feeling. On the other hand, if fun and casual is what you’re aiming for, bright colours can surely help bring that mood out to the room. Likewise, opt for warm colours such as red or orange to spark creativity and improve focus. 

Supporting Safety Measures

The pandemic has changed many aspects of working in the office, and one that’ll stick for the long run is the focus on health and safety. One way the office can implement safety measures that would limit exposure between employees is to create a one-way traffic system that would guide workers and visitors within the office. Flooring can help with the successful implementation of such measures. 

Flooring with patterns, textures, and different colours or materials, can serve as a guiding feature, indicating directional pathways in your workspace. This type of flooring is not only functional but also can be a unique feature of your office interior design

Looking after well-being

Post-COVID 19 design will be human-centered, which means that a harmonious relationship between the built environment and the people in it is the top priority.  A biophilic design is one type of design that has become the favourite. The design, which focuses on bringing nature into the workspace, has proven records of how nature can help bring about the best work environment in the office. 

So how does flooring fit into this design? With flooring styles that mimic natural elements. So patterns and surfaces with elements of wood and stone that’ll connect people to nature and help ease emotional stress. 

Choosing the Right Flooring System

There are many options when it comes to office flooring, but one thing for certain is to go for ones that are durable and high in quality. Moreover, your decision should revolve around the functionality of the rooms. In other words, different areas in your office need different flooring. So let us look at the different options out there and which ones suit which space in your office.

Wooden and LVT Flooring

Wooden and LVT flooring are among the most popular choices out there, and for good reasons. Besides its natural and sophisticated look, laminated wooden flooring and LVT are durable and easy to maintain. Furthermore, their neutral colours are a perfect balancing factor to your overall office interior design. 

Best for: Common spaces, high traffic areas, and navigational pathways. 


Carpets come in a variety of designs, and they’re easy to install and move around. Moreover, carpets have absorbent properties, so it’s good to have around your workspace, especially in rooms where conversation is frequently happening. However, remember that carpets can be easily stained, so regular maintenance is required. 

There are two main types of carpets(tiles and roll). Carpet tiles are generally more durable and easier to maintain. 

Best for: Formal rooms because of their looks and other spaces with low to moderate foot traffic. 


This type of material gives out a luxurious look and shows class. Although marbles are a more expensive flooring option, they’re easy to maintain and will automatically enhance the appearance of any space. 

Best for: Areas frequently visited such as the reception and client-centric spaces. 

As you’ve read, flooring is a crucial part of any space. Therefore, they deserve to be at the top of your priority list when doing your office space planning. Choosing the best flooring option can be tricky, and the implementation requires much attention. At SORDC, we have all extensive experience and the expertise to execute the best office renovation in Singapore, so don’t hesitate to contact us and start your office transformation right now!