Tips & Tricks To Create An Inviting Office Space

While the modern office space has seen significant upgrades based on current trends and workplace culture, there’s still a common thread that always persists. What remains the same is the desire and efforts to build an inviting office interior design that increases productivity and allows clients, customers, and employees to feel comfortable. 

In this article, we’ve rounded up the most effective tips and tricks you can incorporate into your next office renovation to see a major difference in your office environment — and your company’s success and prosperity. 

Brighten The Space With Colour

Switching up the colours of your office interior is one of the most budget-friendly ways to upgrade the space and create a more welcoming atmosphere for everyone. 

But before you decide on the colour scheme and bring in the painters, it is essential to consider the impact of different colours on office interior design. This crucial aspect influences the right shades that will be appropriate for your employees and their productivity. Blue, for example, is suited to a more analytical workspace; purple works well for a creative agency; red and orange are perfect for encouraging interaction and conversation, and so on. 

Hang Creative Wall Art 

Each brand has a story to tell — something that is entirely unique to them. To make sure this message is conveyed beautifully, think of representing it in creative ways, like hanging custom wall art. 

Among the tons of interesting ways to choose office wall art, a safe bet is to go for exciting colours that complement your brand, inspiring prints that showcase your story, and fun anecdotes to capture the spirit of your culture. 

Be Mindful of Lighting 

Since adequate illumination can improve employee health and productivity, positively impact visitors, and attract more clients and partners, focusing on good lighting in office space planning is always an incredible investment when looking to create a more inviting workspace. Yet still, the importance of lighting in office interior design is often overlooked. 

A good rule of thumb is to layer lighting to include all three types: ambient, task, and accent. For example, installing recessed ceiling lights and LED downlights as ambient fixtures, table lamps as task lighting, and wall-mounted picture lights and chandeliers as accent fixtures will help create a welcoming aura in your office. 

Vary Flooring Materials

Flooring is a significant part of an office. It is the element that adds visual appeal by complementing your desired aesthetic and enhances functionality by withstanding high traffic levels and absorbing sound levels — each aspect that contributes to a lovely office interior design. 

Depending on your budget and needs, you can vary the flooring according to the following ideas:

  • Install long-lasting and durable hardwood floors for highly-trafficked areas, like receptions. 
  • Choose an appropriate office rug for the conference room as a sound-absorbing element. 
  • Define different sections with bright area rugs. 
  • Rely on tiles for the areas where you want to avoid too much heat. 

Get Rid of Clutter 

Decluttering the office is a super quick and easy practice to make the place look inviting and comfortable. Apart from keeping your employees happy and giving a good impression to clients, an organized workspace also keeps your office running smoothly and helps avoid heavy costs incurred due to hazards. 

One of the smartest ways to maintain a clean office is to hold each employee responsible for keeping their workstations (whether a desk or a cubicle) clean. Other ideas include digitizing your documents and notes, increasing storage space with additional drawers, shelves, and organizers, getting your cables under control, downsizing unnecessary items, etc. 

Create Unique Gathering Spaces

Encouraging employees to gather and conversate is a vital element of an inviting office. This is because it allows ideas and collaboration to flow and creates a better understanding between workers. 

Below we’ve compiled a few ways you can incorporate this idea into your office interior design.

  • Invest in comfortable furniture, such as beanbags, coffee tables, and armchairs. 
  • Decorate with accessories like rugs, throws, cushions, etc. 
  • Include fun areas like a ping pong table. 
  • Build a coffee corner. 
  • Soften the lighting.
  • Provide access to electrical outlets.
  • Add unique elements (either through wall art, light fixtures, bold colours, or furniture) that spark conversation. 
  • Create a quiet zone for introverts. 

Revamp Your Office Now! 

Transforming your office into an inviting workspace doesn’t necessarily have to follow hard and fast rules. From small efforts like a deep clean to significant changes like upgrading the lighting, there are innumerable ideas you can implement for a happier and more attractive office. 

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