Dental Clinic Renovation – The Highly Specialised Skill of Building Dental Clinic X-Ray Rooms

X-ray room design is dependent on numerous health and safety guidelines. These have been created by international health authorities to reduce the risk of exposure and create optimal conditions for both practitioners and patients.

Many dental clinics in Singapore, including smaller ones, feature their own X-ray rooms to give patients access to convenient and comprehensive treatment options.

Designing such a functional space is far from an easy task. It should be handled by experienced professionals who understand the safety guidelines, the selection of the right materials and the utilisation of approaches aimed at keeping electromagnetic radiation inside the designated area.

As a part of our practice, we’ve worked on numerous X-ray rooms for Singaporean dental clinics. Here’s an interesting overview of the SORDC experience and the very specific steps that have to be followed for the successful completion of such a project.

What Singapore Clinic Interior Designers Have to Be Mindful of During X-Ray Room Construction

Setting up a designated X-ray space involves a number of considerations that don’t apply to designing the rest of the dental clinic.

For example, walls, partitions and doors have to be lead-insulated. Lead is a material that doesn’t allow the penetration of radiation. Hence, proper insulation keeps all other spaces in the dental clinic safe and completely radiation-free.

If you’re curious about what the material looks like, here’s an example of the lead rolls that are typically used inside X-ray rooms. These are applied to walls, doors and partitions to prevent any form of leakage:

Lead rolls to line wall partition and door

Work-in-progress lining of lead

Another important design element is the placement of the X-ray machine itself.

As you can see from the pictures below, X-ray machines can be quite bulky and tall. They often feature rotating arms and other mechanical parts that need to move freely. This is why the machine will demand enough space to be operated to the fullest of its capabilities. Often, placement in a corner or a tiny space is impossible. Hence, proper spatial planning plays as important of a role as safety considerations.

Positioning of X-ray machine in Singapore dental clinic

The Next Step: Proper Safety Testing in Singapore Dental Clinics

Adding the lead insulation and making sure the X-ray machine is placed strategically aren’t the only two tasks involved in X-ray room design and construction.

Singapore, just like most other jurisdictions across the world, has very strict guidelines and requirements for the operation of X-ray equipment.

X-ray room are considered a possible health hazard under Singaporean law. Hence, facilities that operate such equipment have to make sure that over-exposure to radiation doesn’t take place.

Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) mandates thorough safety testing and compliance assessments before X-ray rooms become operational. This is why interior designers and contractors need thorough knowledge of safety practices. Any small mistake in the design and the construction of the space will result in a failure to pass safety examinations.

A safety inspection doesn’t occur just once. In fact, it’s repeated on an annual basis or every two years. This means that the solutions and design specifics recommended and implemented by the respective team have to hold up in the long run.

Safety regulator performing inspection and testing of X-ray Room

Singapore Clinic X-Ray Room Design and Construction Cannot Be Left to Chance. Seek Professional Assistance!

An X-ray room is very different from the other functional spaces inside a dental clinic. There are palpable dangers linked to the operation of X-ray equipment, which is why the construction of such facilities cannot be left to chance.

Not only is compliance involved, the safety of dental clinic staff and patients is at stake here. This is why every reputable Singaporean clinic should put extra-emphasis on safety and the introduction of relevant precautions in the X-ray room design.

Fortunately, office interior design service providers like the SORDC team have the experience, the background and the know-how to meet governmental requirements. We will go above and beyond every single time, making sure that the X-ray room is fully-functional, comfortable and most importantly – safe.

It doesn’t matter how big your dental clinic is and what space you plan to turn into an X-ray room. We’ll assess the layout, the specifics of the venue and the potential safety risks that could arise from it. Based on such an assessment, we will recommend our interior design and dental clinic renovation solutions bound to ensure a safe experience.

We have good understanding of NEA safety inspections and audits, as well. Hence, we can guarantee compliance with such requirements in the long run. If you’d like to check out an X-ray room design that we’ve carried out for a client, please take a look at the following presentation.

If you’re in the process of putting together a dental clinic or adding an X-ray room to an existing venue, don’t hesitate to contact the SORDC professionals. We’ll guide you through the most important steps and we’ll manage the project from start to finish. We are confident in our ability to deliver safety and legislative compliance, helping you make your dental clinic X-ray room operational as soon as possible.