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The Secret Lab Renovation Project: Standout Product Showcase

SORDC created an extensive project and executed the office and showroom renovation for Secret Lab – a gaming chair manufacturer. Industrial and warm, modern but unobtrusive – our renovation work increased the functional appeal of the space and made the company’s products the star of the show.

Effektiv Systems Solution Office Renovation Project: Functional Industrial Chic

An office is a lot more than just a corporate space – it expresses the brand philosophy and it also enhances business practices. We kept these key roles in mind when executing the office interior design and office renovation of the Effektiv Systems Solution project, add some surprises and fun elements into the new space.

Promoting Workplace Mental Health Through Office Interior Design

The office is the place where we spend the majority of the day. The workplace environment can be either uplifting or depressing, depending on the décor and the interior design choices made. Office design can have a profound effect on mental health and here are some of the ways in which this impact can be beneficial.