7 Creative Interior Design Ideas for Small Office Spaces

With remote work increasing in popularity, office spaces are shrinking in size. However, space constraints shouldn’t equate to a compromise on the design of the office. Even if it’s small, the office interior should be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and enjoyable to work in. Only then will it be conducive to focus and productivity, resulting in improved employee performances and higher business profits.

In this article, we will share 7 creative interior design ideas for small office spaces, so your office interior design is stunning and scalable at the same time. Keep reading to learn all about it!

Keep The Design Minimalist But Interesting

Keeping the design of your office minimalist is one way to keep small spaces from feeling all the more constrained. Get rid of any clutter and unnecessary accessories, keep the style simple and minimalist, and use a neutral color palette. Doing so helps light reach the nooks and crannies of the office (and reflect off the neutral-hued walls), creating the illusion of more space.

At the same time, small office spaces should be anything but boring. So, incorporate visual interest by adding bold colors, for example, purple, blue, and yellow. You can also take this as an opportunity to add company-themed hues.

As a bonus, punches of color help combat Monday blues and raise energy levels, thus enhancing employee productivity.

Opt For Shared Desks 

Small office cubicles can appear claustrophobic and make the small office space feel cramped. Instead, opt for shared desks (usually seating two employees simultaneously). If you’d like to offer a greater level of privacy, glass partition walls can serve the purpose while offering several other benefits

Incorporate Ample Lighting

Light plays an integral role in enhancing small office spaces. Consider incorporating plenty of fixtures across the interior. From flush mounts and recessed lighting to minimalist rod chandeliers and table lamps, there are plenty of lighting fixtures that can complement the minimalist style of your office.

Additionally, leverage the natural light that enters your office. Unwind any window treatments during the day and utilize mirrors near windows to ensure natural light is reflected all across the interior.

Focus On The Textures

Another way to add visual interest to small office spaces is by adding plenty of texture. Lay down rugs (especially important for delineating open-floor plans), use cushions on any sofa seating spaces, and mount textured decor on the walls. 

Moreover, incorporating wooden elements helps add texture while introducing Mother Nature to the space. If you’re up for an office renovation, switching to wooden flooring can do the trick. A slat wall is another unique idea for small office spaces.

Don’t Forget Plants

Space constraints shouldn’t take away from the appeal of your small office space. So, create a lively work environment that stimulates creativity by bringing in plants into the office. Be sure to opt for varieties suitable for office interiors, such as the Peace Lily, ZZ plant, and Philodendron.

From the office desktops and coffee tables to vacant corners, plenty of spots can make do with a good plant.

Incorporate Minimal Furniture

Bulky furniture pieces create the impression of a stuffy interior, thus negatively impacting the design of the small office space. So, office system furniture should be minimal in style. 

Consider creating a streamlined workstation by using wall-mounted desks. One example would be using adjustable-height desks against the wall(s) of your office space. These don’t have any drawers, so they appear less bulky in build. Additionally, they are suitable for workspaces with employees with different needs. Another idea would be incorporating lucite furniture — this serves the same purpose.

Keep The Documents Stacked

Minimalist furniture pieces may result in a lack of cabinets and drawers for storage space. But keeping documents easy to reach is a must during work hours.

You can consider stacking the files in a corner of the desk. A better organization idea would be hanging file folders (these mount onto vacant wall space near each desk). If you have a vacant corner, a flat file cabinet can help store documents that aren’t used on a daily basis.

Spruce Up Your Small Office Space With These Ideas

Don’t allow the constrained room in your small office space make it appear claustrophobic, cramped, or boring. Use the above-mentioned ideas to make the most of every inch of your office — so it is well-equipped, scalable, and aesthetically pleasing for you and your employees!

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